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planting and carbon avoidance projects with ecologi


As a business that creates our products from trees it seems only fair that we put back at least what we use, so we’ve been committed tree planting since 2019. Sadly, however, too often tree planting is an easy way for companies to look good whilst failing to address more crucial environmental issues within their business. That’s why as well as tree planting responsibly both in the UK and overseas with the help of Ecologi we also support carbon avoidance projects.

Within our own business we also take the following steps to reduce our carbon footprint:

Choose Local & Sustainable – All our wood is reclaimed or from local, responsible and sustainable sources.

Reduce Waste and Reuse – we use reclaimed wood. We also reduce production waste by making smaller items from the offcuts from the larger ones. The wood shavings, which are the business’ main waste product, are donated to a local school. They use the shavings in their food composter. Recycled paper and cardboard is used in the office as well as for our packaging and stationary.

Low carbon footprint – We seek out and choose to use suppliers with similar values as ourselves. We aim for them to be as local as possible to keep transportation distances to a minimum. e.g. the hemp seed oil used to seal bowls and plates is produced just across the Thames in Oxfordshire. The Love Heartwood website is hosted on a green server that runs on renewable wind power.

U.N. Sustainable Development Goals – our tree planting pledge is enabling us to take action on goals 13 Climate Action and 15 Life on Land.


planting in partnership with Green the UK

To help us plant trees in a responsible and sustainable way, we have partnered with GreenTheUK. Check out our project page to find out the positive effect the trees are having .

During 2022-23 Love Heartwood planted 600 climate resilient trees in the UK with the help of GreenTheUK. The Royal Forestry Society will be looking after the mix of hard and softwood trees in Norfolk. Read the full report below:


Thanks to you we’ve reached our target!

trees planted 1140.*

Update April 2022 – The Trees for Transactions Programme is complete. 1,140 trees were planted in partnership with Tree Sisters. Going forward Love Heartwood is supporting tree planting closer to home.

treesisters’ vision

Planting with TreeSisters

Planting with TreeSisters

I’ve been looking for a way to create a positive change through my business for a while. Treesisters were the perfect fit. I ‘m delighted that Love HeartWood is now fundraising in aid of treesisters. To find out why and how it works read on. 

Imagine if it was normal for all of us to give money for trees every month. To consciously balance both our taking and our warming….we could reforest our planet in no time.

TreeSisters is about building a huge engine of change in the form of a global network of women working together to re-robe the planet as fast as possible.

Every time you buy a handmade, wooden gift from Love HeartWood you’re also gifting a tree to the world. Thereby helping to reforest our planet.

why reforestation in the tropics?

Atmospheric carbon levels now point beyond two degrees of warming. Carbon Sequestration through Global Reforestation (to slow warming) is a global imperative.

Fast growing tropical trees sequester carbon three times as fast as temperate region trees. The tropical forest belt is crucial to the hydrological cycle (rain creation and transport), planetary cooling, (transpiration), and harmonisation and balancing of our weather patterns.

The tropics are also where some of the poorest people live. They face the greatest climate extremes of drought and flood – the negative effects of which are significantly reduced by increased forest cover.

together we’re growing a forest

In response to this global climate emergency, Love HeartWood has partnered with treesisters in their trees for transactions programme. This means I’m embedding restoration into the heart of my business by donating a tree for every product purchased.

Every item you buy funds the planting of a tree.

The goal is to plant 1,000 trees.

To spread the word please Like, follow and share @treesisters_official on your preferred social media channel.

Treesisters is about encouraging every person to balance up what they take from the earth by giving back. So why not plant your own forest?

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