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Making old wooden toys as good as new

Wooden dragon

I believe wooden toys are made to last. That’s part of what makes them so great.

Sadly, the best loved wooden toys often end up with a piece missing or a little bit broken. However, with just a bit of love and mending magic, toys can be made good as new.

That means they can carry on to have a second or even third life bringing happiness to new children.


My membership of the British Toymaker’s Guild means that if I’m unable to repair your toy I’m sure to know someone who can.

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    Recently repaired toys

    Vintage bus with a missing piece – case study

    Olivia Barry in New York got in touch when the unthinkable happened. Her daughter lost one of the wooden people from an heirloom wooden toy bus her neighbour had lent her. Olivia explains:

    “it belongs to a very responsible neighbor, who has kept it carefully in great condition through 3 daughters and 7 grandchildren until my 4 year old lost a piece! I promised her I would replace the missing person, although she tells me not to bother. Truth is, I have torn our place apart to find it, and maybe one day I will – but I won’t rest until I’ve filled all the seats on the bus.”

    She sent me a photo of one of the remaining people complete with the crucial measurements needed to recreate him. I was tasked with making two; one replacement and one spare.

    Once they were completed I sent Olivia a photo to make sure she was happy. I then sent her an invoice and the wooden people.

    On receipt of the wooden people Olivia wrote to me saying:

    “Thank you so much. I’m thrilled.”

    I was thrilled too. Being able to make a wooden toy whole again was such a privilege and I hope the bus and its passengers carries on bringing enjoyment to many more children.

    Give your wooden toy a second chance

    If you have a much loved wooden toy who’s in need of a second chance please get in touch.


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