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Our Values

The Western World’s disposable culture has caused huge environmental problems and we live with the guilt of our society’s wastefulness every day. That was the lesson I took away from my product design studies.

To provide an alternative to this Love Heartwood was founded on the values outlined below. We’re committed to creating toys that connect children with their natural world and demonstrating how we can live in harmony with nature.

My goal is to make Love HeartWood the most sustainable british brand it can be.

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Sustainable – all wood used is reclaimed or from local sustainable sources. I love to use native woods which would otherwise end up in the chipper or on the fire.

Low Waste – as well as using reclaimed wood, production waste is reduced by making smaller items from the offcuts from the larger ones. The wood shavings which are the business’ main waste product are donated to a local school. They use the shavings in their food composter. Love Heartwood also offers a wooden toy repair service to encourage people to reuse their toys instead of throwing them away.

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Healthy Paint & Finishes – all our materials are naturally plant-based including our stains and finishes because it’s healthier for people and the planet.

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Vegan friendly – we do not use any animal products including beeswax or leather. We are also very pleased to say our 3 Bears Woodware range has been certified vegan friendly by The Vegan Society.

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Plastic free – all products and packaging are made from natural materials which are biodegradable. Postal boxes are made from recycled and recyclable carboard and sealed with paper tape. Beyond that, we avoid single use plastics completely in our workshops and office. Surfers Against Sewage has awarded us Plasric Free Champion status.

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Ethical – Love Heartwood is committed to operating in a fair way. This includes only buying from ethical suppliers who pay a living wage.

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Working Towards Net Zero – We have pledge to act by completing the commitment to achieve net zero by 2050, and report on your progress yearly.

Keeping Our Carbon Footprint Low – Suppliers are also as local as possible to keep transportation distances to a minimum. e.g. the hemp seed oil used to seal bowls and plates is produced just across the Thames in Oxfordshire. As well as this for every product sold a tree is planted. The Love Heartwood website is hosted on a green server that runs on renewable wind power.

The sustainable toy story

As a toy maker it’s important to me not to follow the current linear industrial production model of take-make-waste because this model has led to the world’s current waste and pollution problems. As a sustainable british brand I want to follow nature’s example and think circularly.

Instead of designing a product only up to its point of sale, I think all the way to the end of it’s life. This is done by:

  • Designing out waste and pollution
  • Keeping products and materials in use as long as possible
  • Regenerating natural systems

Together we’re growing a forest!

Every time you buy a handmade, wooden gift from Love HeartWood you’re also gifting a tree to the world.

In partnership with GreenTheUK we have pledged to plant 600 trees in 2022/23.

Sustainable stories

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spinning top games

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2021 love heartwood christmas events

2021 love heartwood christmas events

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My partners

All of these amazing positive organisations are a massive support and inspiration on my sustainable journey.

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Main suppliers list

Traceability is integral to ethical business practices. Here you’ll find a list of my main suppliers. I endeavour to work with other eco conscious, small businesses that are as local as possible.


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