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Circular Coffee and Conversation

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crafting circular futures

I initially started watching Reading’s Circular Economy Club talks to get sustainability tips from other local people. So I was delighted when Erica invited me to take part in the seventh Circular Coffee and Conversation session (recorded 11.12.2020).

topics covered

my background – not just making toys but making relationships with things – my circular making process and each stage of my products’ life cycle – the importance of knowing where materials come from and supplier ethics – my growing wooden toy repair service

more about circular coffee + conversation

Just half an hour long the sessions are a virtual morning coffee (or tea) break. While you have your break listen to Sophie and Erica chatting with a range of local individuals, organisations and businesses on their thoughts and connections on the Circular Economy ( often with links to in and around Reading, Berkshire). Each guest brings a “Circular Conversation Starter” – an object, product, anything really, that connects them to the circular economy at home or in their work. Then they’re asked questions for about 15 mins. After that people on the call are also welcome to join in the chat and ask questions. If you’re interested in joining in , don’t forget to sign-up. See ‘ways to get involved’ below.

the circular economy club

Circular coffee + conversation is a collaboration between: Sophie Segal – Co Create Impact – and Erica Purvis – TechnicalNature –

They run the Reading UK branch of the Circular Economy Club global voluntary network.

get involved

Sign-up to the Circular Coffee + Conversation Newsletter
Join the Circular Coffee + Conversation LinkedIn Group
Follow the Circular Coffee + Conversation Eventbrite page for our latest events
Check out th#CEC_RDG hashtag on Twitter and Instagram

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