the sustainable toy story

As a toy maker it’s important to me not to follow the current linear industrial production model of take-make-waste because this model has led to the world’s current waste and pollution problems. As a champion of Nature I want to follow its example and think circularly. Instead of designing a product only up to its point of sale, I think all the way to the end of it’s life. This is done by:

Designing out waste and pollution

Keeping products and materials in use as long as possible

Regenerating natural systems

Love HeartWood’s circular toy story

sustainable circular economy of wooden toys

recycled wood

recycled beech wood

Brian Collins is one of the last makers of Aunt Sally equipment in the country. The throwing sticks used are made of local Oxfordshire Beech. Love HeartWood toys are made from the cast off wooden spindles that would otherwise be thrown away.

photo credit: Greg Blatchford

natural materials and finishes

For more information about the materials, finishes and packaging used please see the main suppliers list.

For an in-depth look at circular economies visit the Ellen Macarthur Foundation

Watch this video on YouTube.

making a spinning top on the lathe

Watch this video on YouTube.
Watch this video on YouTube.

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