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plastic free picnicware

by | Jul 26, 2020 | journal, product stories, sustainability

Summer evenings are perfect for picnics. If you’re looking to ditch the plastic and replace it with more sustainable picnicware then 3 Bears Woodware’s the answer.

3 Bears Woodware is eco friendly tableware that can grow with your family. It’s a great alternative to plastic whether you’re eating indoors or out. So join the Schuller family for a picnic in the park.

family wearing ethical cotton clothes

goodbye single use

The 3 sizes of lidded bowls mean you can say goodbye to tupperware, single use cling film or foil. If food needs to be sealed why not use wax wraps?

plastic free picnic ideas
The boys enjoyed lifting the lids to see what the bowls had inside.

eco friendly alternatives

wooden picnic cup
Wooden cups are a great alternative to plastic ones. These ones have weighted bases to prevent spills and accidents. To avoid plastic straws try natural wheat straws.

functional & multi purpose

plastic free picnicware
Once the lids are off they can become plates and cup rests, very useful for preventing spills on the uneven ground. Different sized bowls and plates means there’s one that’s “just right” for everyone.


stacking wooden bowls with lids
Once the picnic’s done tidying away’s simple. Keep the mess contained by popping the lids back on. Easy to store too as they’re stackable.

healthy picnicware for people & the planet

where does it come from ethically made cotton kids shirts

Massive Thanks to

Models – The Schuller Family

Picnicware – 3 Bears Woodware

Ethical Fashion – Where Does It Come From?

Photography – Sarah from Rainbright Photography

Natural Wheat Straws – Eco Alyn

Vegan Wax Wraps – Bee Zero Waste

Location: Prospect Park, Reading RG30 2ND

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