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One Ash Part 2 – Creating the 3 Bears Woodware Collection

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This journal entry continues on from One Ash – Part 1 which was about Andover Trees United and the aims and structure of the project. In this entry I’ll share with you what I created from my One Ash wood.

There are 3 parts to the One Ash Project: Meeting the tree, Felling the tree and then Following the tree as it’s processed into timber and used by craftspeople, furniture makers and artists. I’m involved in the third part. The idea is that the school children will be able to learn how wood is processed and made into a range of useful things. To enable this I’m recording my process photographically and with videos. These’ll be shared here and through Andover Trees United’s One Ash Journal page. I’m also recording all of the ‘waste’ wood and shavings generated. However, I’m planning to minimise my waste as far as possible by using off cuts from the large pieces to make smaller items.

sustainable woodware

I’m using the Ash to create my first collection of wooden dishes and cups. I’ve already written about the inspiration behind the woodware collection. 3 Bears woodware is sustainable, healthy tableware. It’s a great alternative to plastic tableware for picnics, BBQ’s and families with small children.

Wood’s ideal for use as dishware as it’s durable, tough and ages well, unlike plastic. It’s also naturally antibacterial. To find out more about the benefits of eating from wooden dishes click here.

initial experiments

One ash project round and oval handmade wooden bowls.

An oval bowl (left) produced using the timber across the grain next to a roundish bowl (right) produced by turning the timber end grain.

one ash project wooden cup

A cup containing water produced with minimal wastage from branch wood. The branch was originally only a slightly larger diameter. The wood is waterproofed using locally produced, food grade, organic hemp seed oil.

making a cross grain wooden bowl

Splitting a log in half means 2 cross grain bowls can be made from one section of log. Due to the way that the wood changes shape as it dries these bowls final shape is oval.

72 pieces of limited edition woodware

Once the collection was designed, the following pieces were made from the one ash timber gifted to Love Heartwood:

  • 15 baby bowls
  • 4 mummy bowls
  • 4 daddy bowls
  • 7 goldilocks bowls
  • 10 branch cups
  • 12 egg cups
  • 20 spinning tops

Every piece has been engraved with my maker’s mark, the project’s name and a unique number.

positive impact

14 bags of wood shavings were generated and donated to a local school for use in their food waste composter.

3 bears woodware is now being enjoyed by customers not only all across the UK but also across Europe and America.

10% of the profits from the sale of One Ash 3 bears woodware was donated to Andover Trees United to help them continue their fantastic forestry education programme for local children and the wider community.

3 bears woodware

Read all about the collection in the 3 bears photoshoot journal entry.

The collection is made up of 3 sizes of stackable bowls and plates as well as a beaker, a natural edged bowl and egg cups.

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