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Woodturning Demo & Talk for Men’s Shed Cymru

by | Sep 16, 2020 | journal, turning videos

woodturning demonstration video, workshop tour and a brief history of me

Talk and turning demonstration given for members of Men’s Sheds Cymru on 7th August 2020 via Zoom.

This is a recording of the Zoom talk and demonstration I gave in August for Men’s Shed Cymru. It’s the first talk and demonstration I’ve ever done so I was quite nervous. However, once I got going I really enjoyed it, especially the discussion at end.

I talk for about 50 minutes about how I got into turning, give a tour of my workshop, which is very fittingly an actual shed, and then demonstrate how I turn a spinning top. Then we have a bit of a discussion and question time.

The technology used was just my phone. I had researched using my ipad as a second camera and planned to use a headset with attached microphone to improve sound quality but there were teething issues (aren’t there always?) so I hope to use these the next time.

I was really pleased to be able to support Men’s Shed in this way. As you can see from the info below they offer a very valuable service and are really helping to break the still (!) somewhat taboo subject of talking about mental health.

If you belong to a group who’d like a virtual talk and demo please get in touch. I’d be happy to tailor it to your interests.

What is the Men’s Shed Cymru’s Zoom Room – Virtual Shed

Things were going so well tackling social isolation and loneliness in Wales, one shed at a time, and then there was COVID 19, and then there was social distancing. How on earth do you tackle social isolation during a time of social distancing? It has been a challenge even for those of us with strong family and friend connections, but for some shed members lock-down is a frightening return to loneliness; perhaps even intensified by the loss of recently discovered camaraderie.

Zoom Room Virtual Shed The Men’s Shed Cymru Zoom Room is a virtual Men’s Shed. Where we invite skilled crafters and tradespeople to come and discuss their talents. Hosted live on Zoom, there is a great opportunity to meet men from across Wales and the world. Find out more

Who are Men’s Sheds Cymru

Men’s Sheds Cymru are the organisation supporting the development of Men’s Sheds projects in Wales. We are a Hafan Cymru project funded by The National Lottery and have been operating in Wales for almost 6 years, during which time we have moved from no sheds to around 65. The project has been a great success and we have a range of sheds engaging in such activities as woodworking, gardening, photography, music making and even lunch making. Two things that sheds in Wales, in fact sheds across the world, have in common are the kettle and conversation. For some men their shed session is a genuine life line, and the social interaction they get at the shed has made immeasurable improvements to their lives.

Want to share your craft or skill?

Are you skilled, crafty or knowledgeable in a fascinating subject? Happy to share the above in a fun, informal way with ‘shedders’? Do you know what a men’s shed is? Curious to know more and take part in The Zoom Room Virtual Shed? We can setup a mini conference using Zoom and invite Men’s Sheds members from Wales and beyond to attend. If you have something contact


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