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Wooden Eggs Featuring Hand Drawn Spring Flowers

by | Mar 23, 2021 | journal, product stories

skew & ink – a new creative collaboration

Skew and Ink is the name of the collaboration between Love HeartWood and another West Berkshire female-led, creative business Bloom & Bear. The collaboration’s named after the tools we used to create this new collection of illustrated wooden eggs. Namely, my skew chisel and Tee Stevenson’s ink.

Bloom and Bear is run by surface print designer and maker Tee who I first met this time last year. It was at the Newbury WI’s inaugural spring craft fair. The fair was being held only days before the first lockdown so customers were a bit thin on the ground. However, the silver lining to this was that we had plenty of opportunity to chat and get to know one another. Tee and I admired each other’s work and spent the time discussing our shared love of nature and our creative fields. And from that meeting a wonderful collaboration has developed. As a turner I focus on the creation of 3-dimensional objects whereas Tee, as a print designer works in 2-dimensions. This makes for a great partnership as our strengths complement each other perfectly.

the love heartwood logo
bloom and bear logo

the spring garden collection

The Spring Garden Collection is comprised of handmade wooden eggs featuring six unique spring flowers designs. The Beech used to create the eggs is sustainably sourced from nearby Oxfordshire.

The collection was inspired by Springtime, the season of rebirth and renewed hope. Tee and I share a passion for nature which has been a great comfort to us and so many others during lockdown. So we wanted to celebrate Spring’s arrival even more than usual this year.

wooden egg
The Iris Egg.
Every egg’s unique as it’s handmade by myself and then illustrated by Tee using natural India ink. India ink’s made from natural charcoal which is acid-free, pH neutral, odourless and water resistant. For added protection the eggs are finished with a plant based natural oil.

wooden eggs featuring 6 spring flowers

There are six designs each based on a spring flower. Part of what’s I find so fascinating about nature is the way we connect to it. Over time people have imbused the living things around them with unique associations. Each carefully selected flowers’ specific meaning is listed below. Trees also have siginificance to us and the Beech tree’s is also listed. I feel it’s particularly apt for this collaboration!

flower meanings

daffodil – new beginnings

tulip – love

hyacinth – charm

iris – faith, hope and wisdom

freesia – innocence and thoughtfulness

cherry blossom – rejuvenation, beauty and strength

beech – creativity and female wisdom

wooden egg set in a reusable cardboard postal box
The beautifully designed packaging is not only eco friendly, it’s also perfect for gifting in person or by post.

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Eggs are available individually or as a set of 6. There is also hanging egg option with a choice of twine colour.

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