Spurtle, Scottish Stirring Stick


The spurtle is a traditional Scottish stirring stick for porridge, soup, stews and broths. A great gift for a porridge lover. It’s also ideal for a vegetarian or vegan who makes lentil stews and the like.

The rod-like shape means that porridge can be stirred without congealing and forming lumps, unlike a spoon that would have a dragging effect during stirring, and the low surface area reduces the chances of porridge sticking.

Hand turned from Ash wood. This spurtle will stand up to the rigours of life in the kitchen.

Finished with a protective coat of food safe oil. Can be washed up safely in the sink. Don’t put in the dishwasher. To revitalise just rub in some oil of your choice, olive oil is fine, to recondition the wood. This can be done to all wooden kitchen utensils, boards and bowls.

The ring below the handle allows the spurtle to rest easily on the edge of the cooking pot. It won’t slip into the food no matter how big your pan is.

Dimensions: 29 x 2.9 cm

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Additional information

Weight 310 g
Dimensions 350 × 220 × 130 mm

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