blue sky toy collection

Why I named my toys – Blue Sky Toys

I wanted a name that embued the ideals behind my handmade wooden toys. Blue Sky thinking is the activity of trying to find completely new ideas. As my mission is to spark people’s creativity and imagination using the words ‘blue sky’ seemed completely perfect. It’s also a lovely visual reference to the natural world. A clear blue sky overhead makes the perfect summer day to get outdoors into nature.

The blue sky toy collection contains handmade wooden toys made to inspire open-ended creative play the natural way.


– Sustainably Produced
Blue Sky Toys are made from Beech and Ash wood. Beautiful, long lasting, safe & sustainably sourced.

– Natural
The paint used on Blue Sky Toys is plant based and organic
Zero VOCs, Zero Solvent, Zero heavy metals !
No Fumes, No Smell and No Toxins. Safe for Everyone including babies and those with Asthma, Allergies, CFS, MCS.

– 100% Safe
All toys sold within the EU must conform to the Toy Safety Directives and be CE marked. Sadly most handmade toys are not. The Blue Sky Toy Collection has been designed to be safe and proved so by testing. It conforms to the Safety Directive and is CE marked to show this.

– Ethical
I ensure that all my suppliers are ethical. For example, Love HeartWood’s drawstring gift bags are handmade ethically from ‘khadi’ organic cotton in a farm co-operative in India.

– Plastic free

100% completely plastic free toys.

Plus, all of my labels, packaging and shipping boxes are made from recycled, recyclable materials.

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