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Creative activities for kids that develop their innate imagination and curiosity. This is important because open-ended play activities assist in a healthy mind’s development. This page contains a selection of activities and games you can play with Love HeartWood’s wooden toys. It’s by no means exhaustive but hopefully a good starting point.

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pencil spinning tops

This video takes you through my top tips for setting up and using pencil tops.

draw a spin top picture

drawing spinning pencil tops are a great creative activity for kids

spinning tops

boys playing an invented game with wooden spinning tops

play a spinning top game

  • how long?

Time your top and see how long you can spin it for. Keep a record of your best time and challenge yourself and others to beat it. Alternatively, go head to head and see who’s spins the longest?

  • hit the target

This is a bit like bowls. First draw a target on the ground in chalk. From your starting spot, aim to spin your top towards the target and try to get it to stop in the centre of the target. Play alone or with a friend.

  • battle

My sons’ favourite! Spin your top towards your opponents and try to knock their top over or out of the arena. To create an arena simply draw a circle on the ground, mark out with masking tape or use a tray or plate. This game is also great fun when played with whipping tops.

  • skittles

Watching this fabulous vintage Skittles Spinning Top Game has given me an idea for a future toy but you could have a go at knocking anything down with your top. Experiment and see what you can knock over. How about a skittle, a building block, a toy figure or a pencil?

This fun video, Science is the Tops, explains why tops only stay upright when they’re spinning. Then shows how to make your own pencil spinning top out of card.

peg dolls

create your own pipkind

Pipkinds are simple peg dolls that allow kids to create their own play figures. There are 3 sizes and 6 different shapes, all safe for ages 0+. Each one comes with its own design card to support the character’s creation. At some events I offer a Pipkind drop-in workshop where I help kids to design and create a Pipkind using pens, pencils and recycled materials. Here’s just a few to inspire you.

make a mini movie

Stop motion’s a great way to introduce children to making up their own stories even from a young age. This short animation was created with my son Dexter (age 7) using a free stop motion app on my smart phone.

FOOD- a stopmotion animation featuring my 2 favourite Pipkinds.

If you’d like to see more of our animations check out the Pipkind Adventures Playlist.

Don’t forget to share your stop motion stories using #pipkindadventures on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter.

toy cars

Crafty cars are designed for toddlers to develop their motor skills and creativity. The hard wearing plant based varnish allows them to be rolled through play dough and even paint and then cleaned using a wet cloth.

make a floor road with masking tape

paint a picture with your car

play with dough

toddler sensory play with a wooden toy car and natural play dough
Making tracks in homemade sensory play dough.

make your own natural play dough

How to make natural play dough.

Visit The Imagination Tree for this and more fantastic play dough recipes.

whipping tops

master your spin

How to wind up and spin a whipping top.

For games see spinning top games

chalk a pattern onto your top. see what happens to the pattern when its spinning

creative play the natural way

If you’ve been inspired to try any of these creative activities for kids it would be amazing to find how you get on. Share them on social media using the hashtag


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