love heartwood’s values

Our disposable culture has caused huge environmental problems and we live with the guilt of our society’s wastefulness every day. To combat this Love HeartWood is as ethical and eco-friendly as I can make it.

That’s why I don’t use imported timber which may have come from illegal logging. I don’t use rare exotic hardwoods which have travelled halfway round the world creating a large carbon footprint. My wood comes from recycled or local, sustainable sources. I champion the native woods I love, which would otherwise end up in the chipper or the wood burner. The paints and finishes used are plant based, healthy and contain no VOC’s. This is a deliberate choice to avoid “normal” paint which although technically safe, comes from petrochemical derivatives and is essentially a form of plastic.

native woodland
Native Woodland   Photo by Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash

My suppliers are carefully selected for their ethical and green credentials. For example, sustainable cork cord from Portugal, not leather, is used for the Acorn Collection necklaces.

acorn pendant necklace
acorn pendant necklace with cork cord

My packaging is completely plastic free. Shipping boxes are made from 75% recycled fibres which are 100% recyclable and secured with paper tape. I use 100% recycled card for my gift tags and recycled paper. The tags are secured with sustainable jute twine.

recycled and recyclable postal packaging
plastic free, recycled and recyclable postal packaging

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