about Liz

Hi, my name’s Liz and I’m the woman behind Love HeartWood.

my story

I’m the other side of 40 now and turning’s my second career. With age comes self-knowledge and I couldn’t ignore my creative urges any longer. So I left the safety of teaching to study Product Design at Central St. Martin’s in London. It was amazing being at one of the top creative art & design colleges in the country and it was there that I fell in love with turning. In comparison with carpentry the process is so dynamic. As the wood spins and the tool cuts the material becomes fluid. Watching the transformation is magical, and controlling it makes you the magician.

When I graduated in 2007 I vowed to get my own lathe. Life of course, getting in the way meant it didn’t happen until the summer of 2013, when I took delivery of my very own lathe the day before my wedding. My husband-to-be joked we’d be setting it up on our honeymoon. He wasn’t laughing for long though as that’s pretty much what happened.

a rural childhood

I was lucky enough to grow up in a beautiful part of Scotland called Fife, where I spent a lot of my childhood playing imaginative games in the woods. I learned the names of the trees and always felt safe and happy there. That experience has given me a deep emotional connection to wood.

natural childhood
Photo by Tadeu Jnr on Unsplash

Wood is an amazingly beautiful material that’s so versatile and durable. Growing over time and responding to its environment makes every tree and every piece of wood unique. It also has documented health benefits. Studies have shown that it can improve concentration and reduce stress levels. Something we could all do with.

My product design studies left me feeling that although mass-manufacture has made items affordable in consequence, they have less value. I want to offer people an alternative to this disposability. Love HeartWood grew from my passion for turning and my desire to share an appreciation of the hand made item. I combine my life experience, design training and craft skills to make functional items with character.

handmade wood rattle

my passion

My greatest joy as a maker is sharing my work with others. It’s the connections I make through doing commissions and personalising pieces. As well as chatting to people at fairs and online that inspires and motivates me. I love to get feedback and hear what you think of my work. Plus, I’m always looking for that next great gift idea so please get in touch my emailing me at liz@loveheartwood.co.uk or commenting on one my social media pages.

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