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The New Blue Sky Toy Collection is here!

by | Nov 14, 2018 | journal, product stories, sustainability, toys

My aim when designing and making the Blue Sky Toy Collection was to create beautiful, functional toys that are safe, healthy and as eco friendly and ethical as possible. I am happy to announce that the collection is:

– Sustainably Produced
Blue Sky Toys are made from locally sourced Beech and Ash wood. The wood is Beautiful, durable, safe & sustainable.

-Natural                                                                                                                            It seems a shame to make a beautiful wooden toy and coat it with conventional paint and  varnish since these are essentially plastic.
The paint and oil used on Blue Sky Toys is plant based and organic.
That means zero VOCs, zero solvent and zero heavy metals !
No Fumes, No Smell and No Toxins. The toys are safe for everyone including babies and those with Asthma, Allergies, CFS, MCS.

– 100% Safe
All toys sold within the EU must conform to the Toy Safety Directives and be CE marked. Sadly most handmade toys are not. The Blue Sky Toy Collection has been designed to be safe and proved so by thorough testing. The collection conforms to Toy Safety Standards and is CE marked to show this.
We know that children do not play with the toys that are designated theirs. Siblings of different ages often play together and share toys. That’s why all Blue Sky Toys are safety tested for ages 0+.

– Plastic free, Recyclable & Ethical
I reuse postal boxes, or if that’s not possible, the new ones used are made of 78% recycled fibres sealed with paper tape. Inside the box is recycled tissue paper, invoice paper and stickers.
The postcard that comes with some toys is digitally printed by an eco friendly print service on 100% recycled board using eco friendly inks..
The gift/storage bags which come with some toys are also handmade ethically from ‘khadi’ organic cotton in a farm co-operative in India.

I hope you enjoy the Blue Sky Toy Collection!


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