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My Top 5 Family Friendly Vegetarian Dinner Recipes even for Picky Eaters

Feeding a family who all have different dietary requirements is not easy. My husband needs as much iron as possible, my 8 year old is vegetarian, my 7 year old is extremely fussy and I’d like to eat a vegan diet. Thankfully, the 2 year old will eat whatever is on someone else’s plate. Most days I am preparing 2 -3 variations on a meal or 2 separate meals. My wish is that one day I will cook one meal and everyone will eat it and enjoy it. The following recipes give me hope that one day we’ll get there.

1. Perfect Pasta with Bolognaise Sauce

This is a firm favourite with my whole family. It’s quick, vegan and best of all everyone likes it. The Young Veggie website is run by The Vegetarian Society and contains lots of info and resources that my oldest son and I find helpful.

2. Hidden Veggie Tomato Sauce

My picky son does not like lumps, or vegetables. Texture is a big put off for many kids. Blending the sauce means there’s one less hurdle for him to get over. The My Fussy Eater website is a very helpful site. I especially like Ciara’s idea of serving soup as pasta sauce. None of my sons like soup, mostly because it’s difficult to keep on the spoon. Changing the way something is served can often make something acceptable. It’s not just about taste.

3. Cauli Cheese Macaroni

This one isn’t all the way there yet. Mr. Fussy has the plain mac n cheese while the rest of us double up and have the cauliflower too. This is just one of 39 Vegetarian kids’ recipes from The BBC Food Website.

4. Lentil Pasta Sauce

None of my sons like lentils. So this is a great way to get all their benefits without the texture. Hopefully, they’ll get used to the taste and eventually be able to eat them unhidden.

5. Fishless Fish and Chips with Tartare Sauce

All kids love a fish finger! The choice of sauce is up to them. There are also plenty of veggie versions of kid’s freezer favourites like non-chicken nuggets available. The Vegan Recipe Club is run by Viva! a UK-registered charity which educates people about the realities of factory farming and how it impacts our health, the planet and animals.

If you give any of these recipes a try, let me know what you thought in the comments box below.

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