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ethical christmas gift guide from sincerely essie

by | Jun 2, 2021 | gift guides, journal

This Christmas I’m thrilled to have my sustainable products featured in two very cool gift guides. What’s really good though is that the gifts featured are not just for Christmas. They could just as easily be given for a birthday, anniversary or any special occasion. The first is The Ultimate Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide from The Quirky Environmentalist and the second is The Gift of Giving Guide from

Sincerely Essie

Sincerely Essie is an online magazine and community, created by Essie, focusing on empowering women. It features guest posts from various individuals on women’s lifestyle, health and parenting.

Sincerely Essie have a commitment to championing women entrepreneurs and ensuring that their community can come together for the good of our planet. So, they worked closely with a few women-owned businesses to create this ethical gift guide; products sold not only help to establish the business further, but they also support charitable causes, use sustainable materials or back vulnerable individuals making a huge difference with just one purchase!

Essie’s guide is divided into 5 general categories. Love HeartWood’s Gnosi Rattle and Crafty Car‘s are featured in the Stationary & Toys section. By choosing a gift from Essie’s list you are supporting a small business but you will also be helping the environment, advocating ethical practices and aiding various charities with your purchase.

By checking out great gift guides like these for inspiration you can give in a much more meaningful way this Christmas. There are so many great ways to show you care that don’t involve a lot of money, waste or plastic.

If you haven’t found that perfect gift yet don’t give up. Why not have a look at the other eco friendly gift guides featured in my journal?

Happy Gifting!


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